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Fur costumes are replicas of cartoon and animal characters With their cuddly looks, they appeal to hearts of all ages When people see them, it's like they are meeting their friendly characters from TV in person.  No matter who is wearing them, where they are wearing them, they have an instant appeal.

A cute way to infotain people.  

Marketing tool

This unique product from Unique Inflatables adds carnival spirit to all gatherings.  You can cut these costumes to fit to any budget Use them to welcome and entertain folks when they are visiting shops, restaurants, fast food centers, amusement parks, parties and during festive occasions.


These costumes come in free size.  They are comfortable, light weight, and easy to wear.  They come with an air cooling system to avoid suffocation and are shipped along with Fan, 12V cell.   Cold vest and neck belt is provided to beat the heat.  For long life, extra thick sole for the feet is provided.  They're made from international quality fur.  Designed and made by our highly skilled team of molders and artists.  Our creative crew brings alive any character with attention to minutest details.  Our artistic team ensures splendid art work.  They are long lasting and easy to maintain.  At every stage of conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing our products, we ensure global quality standards.  Unique product, unique price As this is our 'special product', it comes at a special price -- no extras charges

Pricing: Standard model US$ 350 (FOB Hyderabad,India).  We provide Customer Support you can count on.

FAQ for Fur Costumes

Q. Where can we use them ?
A. Use them in shopping malls, restaurants, fast food centres, exhibitions, trade fairs etc.

Q. What size do they come in?
A. The standard size ranges 6-7 feet.

Q. How mobile can a person be after wearing them?
A. You can walk, run, jump, shake hands, and even give "High Fives ".

Q. Will it be suffocating or hot inside the costume ?
A. No.  An internal fan in the helmet helps avoid suffocation.  Also, to beat the heat, a cold vest and a neck belt come along with the costume.

Q. Will the costumes be heavy when worn?
A. No. They are not heavy.  In fact, they will be very light and comfortable for the person wearing them because we use high quality lightweight fur.  The battery and the fan are also made from lightweight material.

Q. Are the costumes washable?
A. No. We advice only regular brushing..

Q. How long do the costumes last ?
A. If maintained and stored properly, these costumes can last as long as you want them.

Q. Which accessories are provided with the Costumes ?
A. These costumes come with an internal fan, a battery to run the fan, a cold vest and an instruction manual.

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