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Ideal for advertising and promoting any product.   Use it to spread the advertising message quickly Positioned properly, they even act as location finders.   High visibility over long distances.

Place your company's image in the sky with no other rivals to vie for attention ..
Grabs people's attention even as they are going about their business.  You can dwarf your competitors with the sheer size and appeal of balloons.

Premium marketing tool

Balloons achieve the first goal of any marketing ditty: informing the people about the product in the shortest possible in a most cost-effective medium.  Their high and vast visibility increases brand identification.

Having achieved the first goal short and sweet, your sales soar dramatically.  You don't have to jostle for attention in the media clutter in print or television.  

Excellent prop during special promotions, trade shows, exhibitions, sales activities, conventions and to kick start new product launches.

Technicalities This product is manufactured from laminated Poly Vinyl material.  They can be created in any color and size -- your imagination is the only limit.  We provide eyeholes to identify punctures.   Provide special facility for grounding the balloon.

Unique is unmatched ...

We can supply bulk quantities on short notice.  We also supply accessories like repair kit, tarpaulin sheet, covering net and cotton ropes.

Easy to maintain

At every stage of conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing our products, we ensure global quality standards A video cassette demonstration of how to set up and get down the balloon is available.   We provide Customer Support you can count on.

FAQ for Balloons

Q. Where can we hoist the Balloons?
A. Balloons can be hoisted at exhibition grounds, public parks, shopping complexes ..

Q. How do we hoist Balloons?
A. Just fill the Balloon with Helium gas and it is ready to fly. For detailed procedure on how to hoist Balloons, follow our demonstration on the video cassette that is supplied along with the Balloon.

Q. Where do we get Helium gas ?
A. Any standard industrial gas supplier should be able to provide you the same.

Q. What are the maintenance costs?
A. A standard 12-ft diameter size Balloon consumes approximately 25 cubic meters.  Helium initially to maintain it for 30 consecutive days; another 13 cubic meters of Helium is required in normal climatic conditions.

Q. Will the Balloons be affected by changing climatic conditions ?
A. The Balloons can withstand winds up to 25Kmph and can be hoisted in all seasons.

Q. How do we repair Balloons ?
A. Most repairs can be carried out on the field within a few minutes.  A repair kit is provided with each balloon.

Q. Can we move the Balloons frequently?
A. Yes. You can shift the location of the balloon as, when and wherever you need.

Q. How long do the Balloons last?
A. Depending on how you maintain the Balloons, they last about 8-10 months.  Please follow the maintenance instructions as described on the video cassette.

Q. Can we change the artwork / message on the balloon?
A. Yes. You can change the artwork / message when and how you want.

Q. Which material is used to make the Balloons ?
A. Balloons are made of special rubberised Vinyl material, which greatly extends their life expectancy and ensures gas retention.

Q. Which accessories do you provide?
A. These Balloons come as a complete package -- artwork, covering net, tarpaulin sheet, repairing kit and a demonstration video cassette.

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